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Swiffer-wet-jet-leaves-floor-sticky, swifter wet jet leaves floors sticky..help!? i have the purple kind that you spray the handle for the cleaner & the pad sticks to the end and every time i clean my kitchen floor, it drys & then i walk on it, it feels sticky.. Does the swiffer wet-jet leave your floor feeling really sticky? i just used mine in the bathroom and kitchen, and i can barely walk without having to pull my flip-flops from the floor. and it makes an audible un-sticking sound that sounds almost like...velcro. does anyone else have this experience?, visit the post for more. swiffer wetjet floor spray mop review swiffer wetjet multi purpose floor cleaner solution with febreze refill lavendar vanilla and comfort scent 1 25 liter pack of 2 swiffer wet jet solution wood floor cleaner refill 33 8 fl oz wet jet refill 32 pads 2 bottles solution swiffer wetjet multi purpose floor cleaner solution refill open window fresh scent 1 25l pack of 6.

Swiffer leaves floor sticky.swiffer wetjet multi purpose floor cleaner solution 3 1 . swiffer wet jet antibacterial cleaner with febreze citrus. swiffer wet jet antibacterial cleaner with febreze citrus. objects images of different many categories, sometimes after i use my swiffer (with the brand name wet wipes) - the floor feels a bit sticky after i wash it - looks very clean, just feels a bit sticky. it doesn't always, though - what am i doing wrong? thanks!.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for swiffer wetjet spray, mop floor cleaner starter kit at amazon.com. read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users., 3 ways to make homemade swiffer solution updated: september 11, 2015. check out the new, updated version of this post here. i love the swiffer wet jet. it makes it so incredibly easy to clean up any kind of mess on the floor – even my preschooler's sticky grape juice spills! but what i don't love is how expensive the refill solution is – it costs about $7 at my local superstore ....

I used to have a swiffer wet jet but mine was part of a recall (several years ago) and i got my money back and never got round to replacing it. do the swiffer wet jets make it possible to use your own cleaner? i have a thing that looks a bit like a swiffer but you can put your own cleaning solution in. i make one out of 1/3 each ammonia, white ..., i have ceramic tiles and i clean them with a swiffer wet wipe and let it dry over night...the first time i'm on it the next morning it leaves marks! do the wet wipe cloths leave a film? anyone else found this to be the case?.

This page contains tips and ideas on how to keep your floors clean. this page includes cleaning haze on hardwood floors, removing scuff marks from hardwood floors, removing rug backing stuck to a floor, cleaning textured flooring, cleaning pet urine stains and odors from a tile floor, cleaning of footprints on laminate floor, and more.