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Using-pex-for-tub-spout, subscribe now: watch more: connecting pex plumbing to a bathtub faucet will require .... Using pex for tub spout/shower. currently i'm the process of plumbing a bathtub/shower. i was planning on using 1/2 pex from the shower valve to a drop elbow for the tub spout and the shower head. however i've been reading a lot of mixed reviews about using pex for the tub spout. anyone manage to do it without having any issues? i just want to run it down the the drop elbow then use a rigid ..., holdrite sb3 with 255 and pexrite 704.

One of my favorite parts of renovating is running new pex. some people prefer branch systems, but personally i'm in the home run camp. what that means is tha..., re: pex to tub spout. author: lemonplumber (fl) any material on a diver tor tub to shower application should reflect not only the manufacturers spec's but the flow rate that is expected below and in your concern above.i find the only time the size of the spout comes into play is if the flow rate is higher than the spec's .this will cause the water to run out the shower head during flow to the ....

The one thing i didn't read. not using pex for the tub spout. now, i can't even get the tub spout off (it just spins) and it isn't tight enough to pull up for the shower function., free 2-week bathroom remodel guide! visit: "get the job done!" this video has some good insight into mounting your shower valve to the wall studs and .... Hi, i have pex pipe out of the wall going to the tub spout. since it flexes i don't have a very tight fit against the wall (not like i would with copper anyways). first question is is this even up to, is it possible to use a sharkbite male adapter on a copper stub out for a bathtub faucet?. i am not well versed in soldering plumbing fittings and i would rather not have to buy the gas, a torch tip, flux, and solder just for one connection.