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Zero-gravity-lift-chair-golden-technologies, golden technologies zero gravity / maxicomfort lift chairs 1-800-798-2499. If you’re looking for a lift chair to spend most of your day and night in, or a chair that will rejuvenate you after a long day at work, look no further than..., zero gravity lift chairs offer unparalleled comfort and relief by aligning your body in an optimum position, relieving the spine from the normal pull of gravity. these recliners combine the benefits of zero gravity with the convenience of a traditional lift chair. now you can relax in any nearly any position you desire and lift to a standing position all at the touch of a button..

The orion lift chair by golden is the world's first three-position power recliner with twilight technology that allows for a deeper rejuvenating recline., free shipping and 30 day return policy on all zero gravity lift chairs. experience the comfort and health benefits of the zero gravity lift chair from golden technology.. We've perfected comfort with the addition of our patented maxicomfort® positioning technology. enjoy the most advanced power recliner and find your perfect position., zero gravity lift chairs from golden technologies offer the latest in lift recliner engineering while retaining the function and design of their traditional lift chair lines. in addition to operating the head and foot rests independently for maximum versatility and comfort, zero gravity liftchairs can be used to achieve the full trendelenburg ....

The pr-756m medium relaxer is a lift/recliner that features a four pillow waterfall back and our patent pending maxicomfort recline system. this unique system allows you to elevate your feet and hips above your heart for improved circulation. with an almost limitless positioning capability, the relaxer can recline into a, once you get into your custom made lift chair from golden, you won't want to get out. glide smoothly into unlimted comfort positions. find the right chair for your needs..

Golden makes the difference. golden technologies’ success — and the satisfaction of our customers — has been built on our foundation of lift and recline chairs.